Psychologists at Brisbane Counselling Centre have been helping people throughout Brisbane & Queensland for over 30 years using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). For the past 25 years, however, our psychologists have been using a particular type of EMDR that has proven for us to be the most effective form for producing consistently better outcomes for our clients.

EMDR is recognised internationally as an effective form of treatment for trauma-related ailments, and has helped many people the world over to take control of their mental healing process.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR is a therapeutic modality which our psychologists use widely. It is one of the treatment options we provide, and in the initial session your psychologist will assess if EMDR is suitable for your presenting issues. If so, we will talk to you in more detail about the therapy.

What is EMDR therapy used for?

EMDR is utilised in counselling to help people work through unresolved issues that, if left untreated, can go on to develop into symptoms of stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress, or depression. EMDR is considered to be one of the leading strategies for treating trauma; which can be defined as a strongly negative emotional reaction to a situation or memory.

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EMDR Therapy and Treating Trauma

Most people think of trauma as being a severe experience such as being involved in a motor vehicle accident or being held at knife point. From a psychological perspective, an example could be the feelings of embarrassment or humiliation that come from being unable to read out loud in front of the class at school or by being aggressively yelled at by a parent or partner. As a result, it can be hard to self-diagnose trauma and the effects that it may be having on your mental health.

With the help of a trained professional from Brisbane Counselling Centre, we can work through traumatic memories and begin the healing process.

How does EMDR therapy work?

Human beings “store” traumas in a particular way that makes it difficult for them to function at their optimal level. EMDR helps to work through these traumas and neutralise the emotional response that these situations and memories elicit. Just as you would heal from a physical injury, EMDR helps you to activate your own ability to ‘heal’ from your mental trauma.

EMDR makes use of eye movement treatment, which helps in bringing internal associations with the traumatic event to the front of the mind. From there, those associations can be changed and the healing process can begin.

If your therapist comes to the conclusion that you would benefit from EMDR treatment, you will be advised on next steps. If you believe that EMDR therapy is right for you, contact us today!