Dr. Matthew Worthington
Dr. Matthew WorthingtonRegistered Psychologist, Medicare P/N 4649084A

Why not pop along to one of Dr Matt’s free “Get to know us” sessions on a Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Over a coffee he will discuss common issues such as anxiety & depression and explain ways in which we can help. We can chat about EMDR and other psychological interventions and answer any questions you may have. This pre-counselling information session is to help you better understand how our experienced counsellors at BCC may be able to help.

Matt’s Saturday & Sunday “Get to know us” sessions

Matt can also advise on rebates that may help you to access your treatment more easily. Where: Level 7, 87 Wickham Terrace When: Saturday afternoon (in person), or Sunday afternoons online. Call (07) 3831 4452 to book in!

Matt can also chat about relationship problems and their underlying causes which are often related to subtle self-worth issues. He explains that as humans we tend to define our self-worth through the approval or disapproval of others and how this causes us to feel weak and unworthy. He will talk about issues regarding low self-worth such as people pleasing and the tendency to become hyper sensitive to rejection or invalidation.  Matt can tell you about his breakthrough sessions in therapy using evolutionary psychology which helps relieve issues of low self-worth thereby helping the individual to feel more confident in relationships and social situations.

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