Dr. Matthew Worthington
Dr. Matthew WorthingtonRegistered Psychologist, Medicare P/N 4649084A

Dr. Matt is running “Am I worthy?” group sessions on Saturdays to help build self-confidence. When we think our value is defined by the approval or disapproval of others we have low self-worth. This is often a sign of past bullying and/or  strict, critical parents.

Our responses to critical parents and bullies have evolutionary origins. We may become angry or anxious both of which are instinctive and are connected to a fear of displeasing others but these responses leave us feeling vulnerable. More subtly some of us don’t want to seem weak and vulnerable and will tend to become controlling or aggressive as a way to enhance our own self worth. Others may tend to procrastinate because of a fear of failure. Matt’s group sessions provide an individual with ways to stop people pleasing and escape the self worth trap.

Group sessions can be subsidized under Medicare which allows for 10 sessions of group therapy. Call (07) 3831 4452 to book, or fill in the form on the right.