About Matthew

Dr Matthew Bambling is a clinical psychologist who is trained to the PhD level and a Fellow of the APS clinical college and served as Chair of the Queensland chapter for 4 years and as a national Clinical College Committee member which provides a leadership role for clinical psychology in Australia.

Clinical Psychologist; Medicare P/N 2827886H; AHPRA Reg: PSY0000971289

Matthew has many years of clinical experience providing treatment for a diverse range of life challenges and problems, including complex trauma, PTSD, resistant depression and anxiety, substance misuse and health problems.

Likewise, in his counselling experience he has worked with many couples and families on relationship issues and dealing with difficult transitions and life changes. Matthew also has a strong interest in human performance, organisational issues, and working with health issues.

Matthew holds a senior academic position at a large Brisbane University where he coordinates postgraduate mental health programs, teaches and conducts research. He currently has a molecular medicine project examining novel compounds for treating depression and has published in this as well as other fields. Matthew regularly presents at conferences and provides training to health practitioners in nutraceutical use and is sort out for consultancy with government and private sector services in relation to mental health.

Matthew is a friendly and approachable person who is genuinely interested in those to he works with and as you get to know him you will find a good sense of humour with a practical and realistic approach.

Dr Matt Bambling in the news, media and public engagements

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Areas of counselling offered by Matt include:

Matthew has a broad range of interests and can work with a variety of issues including:

    • Self-awareness, self-worth and growth
    • Relationship counselling to enhance both quality and satisfaction and to repair relationships that are distressed or conflicted
    • Family problems
      • Dealing with major life transitions
    • Abuse, Depression, Anxiety
    • PTSD & Complex PTSD
    • Problems with substances, addictive or compulsive behaviours
    • Psychiatric concerns
    • Communication training
    • Organisational & workplace issues
    • Performance for a better life and career advancement
      • Health behaviour to effect positive life changes
    • Managing chronic disease, pain, health problems or disabilities
    • Human Factors and Performance expert and consultant

Psychological Modalities and Interventions used include:

    • Exposure therapy and other therapies for trauma or anxiety such as EMDR, these may loosely be described as behavioural approaches and are considered some of the best treatments available
    • Brief and strategic for very short term work focusing on strengths
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, particularly good for taking control of troubling thoughts and feelings and learning new behaviours
    • Psychodynamic, ideal for those who are interested in developing an awareness of their own inner world and resolving core relationships and conflicts that hold them back from experiencing a full and satisfying life
    • Exposure therapy and other therapies for trauma or anxiety, these may loosely be described as behavioural approaches and are considered some of the best treatments available
      • Gestalt, which is a fascinating experiential form of treatment which can be both evocative and a powerful experience
    • Hypnosis, in this modality light trance work can be used to consolidate or enhance counselling outcomes for people where required

If you would like to make an appointment with Matthew, please call us on (07) 3831 4452