Can I get a rebate?

Medicare Rebates

Your GP or psychiatrist can ascertain whether you are eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) referral through Medicare’s Better Access Initiative. Under this initiative, your GP can refer you for up to 10 sessions with a registered psychologist per calendar year. A MHTP entitles you to a Medicare rebate of at least $93.35 for these 10 sessions.

To claim your rebate, you simply need to provide our reception team with your MHTP paperwork that your doctor has completed for you, either on or before the day of your appointment. Make sure you also bring your up-to-date Medicare card to your appointment if you wish to claim your rebate on the day.

We are able to process an on-the-spot claim, provided that your MHTP and Medicare card details are correct – all we need to be able to complete this is your savings/cheque account card (i.e. a debit card, not a credit card). If you’d prefer, we can also provide you with a receipt, which will allow you to claim your rebate online via your myGov account at your convenience.

It is important to note that Medicare’s rebate through the Better Access Initiative will not cover the complete cost of an appointment with a psychologist at Brisbane Counselling Centre. For a complete explanation of the therapists’ fees, please contact our friendly reception team.

Private Health Rebates

If you have private health insurance, then you might be entitled to a partial rebate for your appointments. If you’d like to process an on-the-spot claim after your appointment, please make sure you bring your health fund card with you. Each fund is different, so we recommend checking with your fund directly to see what your entitlements are – the applicable Item numbers are ‘100’ (for an initial consultation) and ‘200’ (for all subsequent consultations).

Regarding confidentially, your treatment details are sent directly to your health fund through the Tyro HealthPoint system and can only be viewed by your provider and your health fund, utilising secure encryption protocol which fully protects your privacy. Importantly, some health funds have extra requirements when claiming a rebate for an appointment, which may mean that you have to arrange a claim directly with your health fund – please contact your insurer for more information.

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