workplace psychologyWe can improve your workplace’s performance by improving individual mental wellness. Develop resilience in your workplace through promoting mental health and learning how to improve mental health within your company. Setbacks are a part of working but we can teach your organisation practical skills to build resilience to situational stress. Over the last 25 years, Brisbane Counselling Centre has frequently offered mental health training and counselling to those in need of assistance. Having a large team of psychologists on call means that we can schedule appointments with mental health counsellors for your employees at short notice, further establishing the importance of workplace wellness.

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What you should know about mental health within the workplace:

  • We provide you with the tools and confidence to improve your organisation’s mental wellness.
  • Mental illness does not discriminate – anyone in your workplace can be suffering now, which means your work place is suffering.
  • Learn how to recognise, understand and develop strategies to manage stress in the workplace. Mental illness effects 1 in 5 individuals, which means that most workplaces will have people suffering from mental illness.
  • Creating awareness and providing education around the mental well-being of your employees creates a healthy and more productive organisation.

Through emphasising the importance of workplace mental health in your company, you can create a happier, healthier, and productive workplace environment that truly cares about it’s employees. If you think your company could benefit from mental health training and promotion, or if you believe some of your employees are already suffering from mental illness within the workplace, please contact David Marshall on (07) 3831 4452 and learn how to be proactive about improving the health of your company.