workplace psychology

Significantly improve productivity, job satisfaction and business performance by enhancing employee well-being. Evidence-based strategies focusing on reducing anxiety, boosting self-esteem and uplifting moods will assist with the development of resilience in your workplace.

Over the last 25 years, the Brisbane Counselling Centre (BCC) has been seen as an expert in the field of promoting positive mental health. BCC has created a psychological wellness program to address many of the potential issues that confront individuals in today’s stressful living.

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Some key features of this expertly crafted wellness program:

  • Tools and initiatives to improve your employees’ well-being.
  • Learn how to recognise, understand and develop strategies to manage stress and anxiety in the workplace. (N.B. Mental health issues affect 1 in 5 individuals, so the chances are very good that there are employees in your company who could benefit from enhanced well-being).
  • Creating awareness and providing education around how to elevate your employees’ well-being will provide so many tangible and intangible benefits (e.g. minimised staff turnover, greater efficiency, maximised relationship cohesion and reduced employee absenteeism).

Through emphasising the importance of optimised well-being in your workforce, you can contribute to building an environment that is happier, healthier, and more efficient.

If this invaluable program aligns with the culture and priorities of your organisation, please contact David Marshall on (07) 3831 4452 and learn how to be proactive about optimising the overall health and well-being of your employees.