Psychologists at Brisbane Counselling Centre have been assisting individuals and organisations with workplace-related issues for over 30 years. Employees can be assured of receiving confidential support when dealing with problems at work, strategies to improve performance, work-life balance, job satisfaction and coaching to achieve career goals. Understanding the importance of mental health in the workplace is crucial for both individual well-being and collective productivity.

Workplace Issues the psychologists can help with

Organisational Wellbeing

  • Organisational Culture – satisfaction, morale, climate, justice, safety.
  • Organisational Change – reassignments, role changes, redundancies, training for career issues.
  • Organisational Stress – workload, deadlines, demands, pressure, expectations, ‘burnout’.
  • Bullying/Conflict – harassment, threats, discrimination, personal safety, abuse of power (supervisors and management).
  • Critical Incidents– Work-related trauma, abuse, psychological injury.

Addictions Affecting Work

  • Substances– Drugs, alcohol.
  • Behaviours– Gambling, food, sex.

Behaviour At Work

  • Anger – education in management, prevention
  • Performance – absenteeism, productivity deficits, time management.

If you think that your company could benefit from Workplace Counselling and Psychology, Please give us a call on 07 3831 4452 . Our receptionists are very kind and friendly and are always keen to assist with any questions you may have.

Qualified counsellors and psychologists can help address various challenges to employee well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do Workplace Psychologists do?

    Workplace psychologists are specialised health professionals who focus on organisational development and job satisfaction. They apply psychology to assess human behaviour in the work environment, aiming to resolve workplace issues and enhance employee performance.

     Their methods include training programs and research-based techniques to ensure holistic development in a company.

  • How can psychology be used in the workplace?

    Psychology is pivotal for understanding employees and organisational dynamics. 

    By leveraging knowledge in psychology, employers can improve time management, mitigate work-related stress, and develop better communication skills among workers. This fosters a healthy work culture, enriching both human resources and job satisfaction.

  • What Mental Health Concerns are commonly addressed by Workplace Psychologists?

    Workplace psychologists tackle a range of mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, and psychological injury. 

    Specialised in offering support, they apply evidence-based interventions and strategies to alleviate work stress and improve mental health. Their scope covers both individual and team demands.

  • Is organisational psychology in demand in Australia?

    Organisational psychology is growing in demand across Australia, particularly at specialised centres like Brisbane Counselling Centre, which focuses on workplace psychology. More companies are beginning to understand the crucial role that psychological insights play in elevating employee well-being, enhancing job performance, and solving workplace issues.

  • How Can We Improve Work-Life Balance for Our Team?

    Improving work-life balance is essential for a team’s overall well-being and productivity. Workplace psychologists can work with organisational leaders to implement strategies such as flexible working hours, mental health workshops, training programs and stress management programs. 

    These initiatives aim to help team members manage their time effectively, set healthier work boundaries, and create a more balanced lifestyle, both professionally and personally.