Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a valuable tool that has helped countless people remove the effects of trauma from their lives. This eight-stage process targets the patient’s beliefs about his/her past, present and future, and the negative experiences that colour them.

EMDR has long been used to treat people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression, but has shown to have benefits for all people. Here are a few ways that EMDR treatment can help you.

Transform your beliefs

Many of us subconsciously hold self-limiting beliefs based on unhappy experiences in our past. Perhaps a childhood rejection has led you to feel as if your presence is an imposition to those around you, so you try to take up a little less space on bus seats and don’t share opinions unless directly asked. Beliefs of needing to be perfect or being unworthy of love might be traced back to incidents such as childhood trauma or a difficult breakup.

EMDR treatment helps to take the power away from these negative beliefs, showing you that they are merely an interpretation of an event, and that other, more valid and positive interpretations are available.

Recover from trauma

Psychologists recommend EMDR for PTSD sufferers, as it has proven extremely effective at processing all kinds of trauma. Through Bi-Lateral Stimulation, both sides of the brain are engaged to reprocess distressing memories. EMDR has shown to help with depression, anxiety, nightmares, grief, divorce, bullying, abuse and a multitude of other life traumas.

Fast track to results

EMDR therapy takes a different approach from that of talk therapy, and issues that patients have tried to talk

through for years may be resolved in only a handful of sessions. You also don’t have to divulge every detail of your memories in EMDR, which is very helpful if you have trouble vocalising.

Helps you manage little stresses before they grow

Everyday stresses take a toll over time if not dealt with, and can lead to complete burnout. There’s no need to wait until you feel completely overwhelmed to do something about it, however. Having the occasional EMDR therapy session can help you unburden yourself from all the stresses you have been carrying.

Ongoing self-improvement

EMDR treatment is valuable for everybody, not just people who are consciously suffering. Transforming negative beliefs can improve your relationships, work performance, creativity, health, and more. By quieting the voice that says “I can’t” or “why bother”, you unlock your true potential.

Learn more about EMDR therapy

Brisbane Counselling Centre has been using EMDR to help people for over two decades. If you would like to explore EMDR for anxiety, PTSD or any other issues concerning you, visit our EMDR page or get in touch.

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